Comrades Marathon is a name that is known around the world as a test of pure grit and a celebration of perseverance and comradery. We embrace the long road, not knowing how the day will end. One thing we know is that if we fuel right, you can eliminate a number of risks that are inherent with running 89km on tar. We have designed a race pack for the Comrades Marathon with the most optimal combination of Maurten products to help you get the the finish line. It works on the basis of +/-70g of Carbohydrates on average per hour for a 9 hour run which totals 660g of carbs for the duration of your run. The fuel plan includes the pre-fueling as suggested for the days preceding Comrades and post race carbohydrate recovery fuel.

The following two tips are suggestions. Discuss with your coach for more detailed advice.

For optimum race week preparations, we advise that you hydrate frequently in the week of the race, with an electrolyte drink. Ensuring that you arrive on race day with elevated/optimum levels of electrolytes is going to do you better than trying to maintain your electrolytes on the day of Comrades. On the morning of the race you will consume a serving of your preferred electrolyte drink, and this should be enough to carry you through the day. Running within your ability will ensure that you don’t exert muscles, beyond their capacity. Over exertion can lead to muscle cramps or spasms, due to physiological or energy deficits. Fueling early will ensure that your muscle glycogen isn’t used to power your running. Maurten allows a higher and faster uptake of carbohydrates during exercise, meaning that the fuel you put in, can be used, as you are consuming it, thereby saving the muscle glycogen, and reducing the risk of muscle cramp and spasm. Knowing how much fuel to put in per hour is key to ensuring you are keeping your carbohydrate intake at the correct gram per hour. During your training long runs, you would have worked out this key element of fueling. If you are aiming to take in 70gram per hour, then you would ideally be consuming 70grams per hour in your training runs. Your training runs are as much about endurance and speed as they are about getting used to the carbohydrate intake. The day before Comrades, it’s advisable to increase your carbohydrate intake to between 10g – 12g per kg of body weight. If you are 70kg, you would multiply your weight by 10g, Eg 70 x 10g = 700g of carbohydrates. Soft fruits and starchy vegetables will make hitting these higher carb numbers easier. You can supplement your carbohydrate intake with drink mix, which will also tick off the hydration box.

If you plan to run a 7 hour Comrades you will increase the carbs per hour to 95g per hour. If you plan to run an 11 hour Comrades you will reduce the amount of carbs per hour to 60g per hour.

Our race plan for Comrades is based on using Maurten for the entire day, with only small deviations when you feel you need something ‘different’. Drink water to thirst. Consume salted potatoes and/or bananas as you would normally. Our plan includes caffeine gels which we advise as a way to help keep your feelings of fatigue at bay. There are two strategies for taking in caffeine to aid ultra distance endurance events, starting early, and alternating a non caffeine gel with a caffeine gel every feed, or starting halfway and maintaining caffeine to the end, or alternating.

This is the plan for Comrades 2024

2 nights before Comrades 7 June: 1 x DM160 during the day and 1 x DM160 before bed

1 day before Comrades 8 June: 1x DM320 during the day and 1 x DM160 in the evening

Morning of Comrades Marathon Breakfast: 1 x Solid 225, 1x DM320 (120g carbs)

START: 0km until 20km of Comrades: 500ml premix DM160 and 1 x GEL 160 1x GEL 100 CAF(105g carbs)

RACE: 20km until 40km of Comrades: 500ml premix DM320 and 1 x GEL 160 1x GEL 100 CAF (145g carbs)

RACE: 40km until 60km of Comrades: 500ml premix DM320 and 1 GEL 160 x 1 GEL 100 CAF (145g carbs)*

RACE: 60km until 89km of Comrades: 500ml premix DM320 and 1 x GEL 160 1x GEL 100 CAF (145g carbs)

POST RACE: SOLID 225 and or DM 160

*Optional Solid 225 for real food

If you are running a 7 hour Comrades you will increase your carb intake by 20g additional per hour for 90g per hour. If you are running an 11 hour Comrades you will decrease your carb intake to 60 grams per hour.

Visit Maurten at the Comrades Marathon Comrades Marathon Expo during registration period to secure your Race Pack while stocks last.