What is Maurten?

Maurten is sports fuel reinvented, built on Hydrogel technology, it is an innovation of sports fuel transportation, providing energy to working muscles. The patented technology delivers rapidly available and highly tolerable carbohydrates in an optimal ratio of slow burning and fast burning carbohydrates.

Why do you say Maurten is sports fuel reinvented?

Traditional sports products, every single product that is available, relies on digestion by the stomach to breakdown the concentration of carbohydrates before it can be passed through the stomach lining to the small intestine, to be absorbed into the liver and muscles in the form of glycogen. This digestive system is limited to between 40/50g of carbohydrates per hour on average. Maurten drink mix is formulated to react immediately with the stomach acid and turn into Hydrogel for rapid absorption through the stomach lining, bypassing the digestion process. This innovation is unique and entirely different to anything else that you have ever used before. Sports fuel is reinvented and the game has changed.

What do you mean Maurten has changed the game?

Up until Maurten was available, all energy sports drinks came at a price, be it the time take to digest, or the risk of gastric upset if the wrong concentration of sports fuel was taken in. A lot of pressure was laid onto the digestive system to work far harder than it was designed, and under far greater physical exertion than was intended. As athletes we have searched for ways to make sports drinks more digestible and tolerable, but the limitation of the digestive system has always been a barrier to succeeding in this. We want to push ourselves harder and further, but we cannot push our digestive systems any more. But Maurten isn’t just another sports drink. Maurten Hydrogel isn’t digested. It’s rapidly passed from the stomach to the small intestine. This is what we mean when we say the game has changed.

Not just another sports drink?

Every other sports drink is offered with various extra ingredients in order to appear to offer something unique, when in the end they are all the same. They operate in the same way and they all have the same limitations. Namely, they must all be digested, placing strain on the body during an already strenuous time of extended activity. This is the clear difference between Maurten, and the advantage it has over every other sports drink, and the reason we say Maurten isn’t just another sports drink.

What other advantages does Maurten offer me over ordinary sports drinks?

Let’s start with the ingredients, with only five ingredients, two of which are carbohydrates, Maurten is not a complicated concoction of ingredients, making it highly tolerable and palatable to even the most picky athletes. The Hydrogel technology is formed effortlessly in the stomach meaning there is no extra energy cost on the body to break it down.

Once the Hydrogel is formed and absorbed only water is left in the stomach, which is transported into the body for hydration. The effortless nature of the Hydrogel conversion using stomach acid, frees up your stomach from needing to digest your food. The additional blood which would be needed to power the gastric muscles to break down various ingredients is also not recruited from the other hard working muscles.

This leaves your stomach in a restful state that allows you to put all of your focus into your sport activity. Hydrogel is so efficient at being absorbed that there is no waste build up undigested ingredients left in your stomach which can cause later disruptions. Even the salt in drink mix is transported in the Hydrogel.

And because you don’t have to wait on digestion, that would normally take up to an hour to breakdown 40/50g of carbohydrates, it is possible to increase the amount of carbohydrates being taken in, to levels double what was previously possible. This is a big deal to any athlete who is burning carbohydrates quicker than they can digest, because it allows them to better manage an energy refueling strategy to prevent and avoid muscle glycogen depletion.

Endurance events that extend beyond two hours require fast intake of carbohydrates to sustain the effort we place on our muscles. Our priority is to keep the fuel tank full for optimal performance. This is the ultimate result which Maurten accomplishes better than any other sports fuel product. Knowing all of this, it’s not hard to understand why the worlds best choose it.