Rocky columns extend their crooked fingers heavenwards as we stare out over the Valley Of Desolation. A vast Eden nestled on the edge of the dry expanse of the Karoo in South Africa. The little town of Graaff-Reinet sits neatly on a bend in The Sunday’s River. Shafts of light spear down and and illuminate puddles dotted across the scrub land while small black dots on green hint towards shapes of wild animals. The skies seem endless, vast and mighty as distant thunderstorms litter the scene.
This forms the backdrop of our race.

This event will test you. There is no doubt. As the nutrition sponsor we have considered the carbohydrate requirements for an event of this magnitude and want to present an optimum fuel plan for the race, which takes into account the select aid stations that we will supply product at. The estimated time to complete the ROAD TO DESOLATION is from 6 hours to 10 hours. Between 60-90g carbs are required per hour, for optimum performance, depending on factors such as fitness, body weight and intensity. As a sub 7 hour finisher you would be aiming to get in 80/90g carbs per hour, and a sub 10 hour finisher would be aiming to get in 60/70g per hour.

All registered entrants of the race are eligible to a discount from our store, using the coupon |desolation| to buy Maurten fuel for your training rides leading up to the big day out.

We also have on offer a race box, which you can order ahead of time and collect at registration. The race box does all the heavy lifting for your nutrition planning, and has been priced specifically for the ROAD TO DESOLATION race.

The RtD Race Box is made up of three parts.

  • carbohydrate load the day before
  • carbohydrate fuel for the bike
  • carbohydrate fuel picked up at aid station Nieuw Bethesda (80km from the finish)
  • 500 Maurten bottle

Included in the RtD Race Box:

Part one: 1x Drink Mix 320 | 1x Drink Mix 160 pre-load

Part two: 1x Solid 225 | 2x Drink Mix 320 | 2x Drink Mix 160 | 2 x GEL 100 carry on the bike (total carbs =345g)

Part three: 1x Solid 225 | 2x Drink Mix 320 | 2 x GEL CAF 100 picked up at final aid station in NB (total carbs =265g)

This product can only be collected from Race Registration in Graaff-Reinet. Click here to add to cart.